Pentech Limited

Pentech Limited offers service contracts and on call services based on premium times between Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM. These services embrace the following: –

  • Comprehensive Maintenance:This covers the supply of parts and labour all-inclusive in one contract within the agreed terms of the contract. Spare parts availability is guaranteed or a replacement is supplied during the down – time.
  • Labour only:We will give all the working hours within the contract period at no cost, but spare parts will be charged as per usage.
  • Time and Parts:We will charge you only for the time we work on your equipment and the spare parts used. In case of more complicated technical problems, we will only consider the most reasonable and productive time.
  • Depot Repair Services:From diagnostic to testing, our technical team is well – versed in all aspects of the repair operation, enabling us to provide extended warranties on all the products and services. This is done in conjunction with any of the above services, or the client can choose to bring the equipment to our workshop at their own convenience.

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