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World-Class Security – securing your business, even from known
and emerging threats.
• Layers of protective technology to address known and unknown
types of malware.
• Windows workstations and file servers, Mac workstations,
Android smartphones and tablets are all protected.
• Uses the power of the cloud to protect your business in real time.
• “Trusted applications mode” option ensures that only safe software
can run.
Financial Data Security – protecting your online business and personal
transactions against the most sophisticated financial fraud.
• Award-winning ‘Safe Money’ technology for worry-free online banking.
• Virtual and secure keyboard modes to defeat password stealing
Internet Protection – keeping you safe from malicious attempts
to hijack your data, or your entire network.
• Automatically blocks malware ‘exploits’ that cybercriminals use
for their attacks.
• Identifies phishing websites, designed to trick you into sharing
your personal information.
• Spots suspicious downloads and attachments.
• Sophisticated spam filters block unwanted emails.
• Protects your business from being spied on through your webcams.
• Checks and verifies the safety of Wifi connections.
• Optimises data traffic usage to help keep network costs down.
Manage Employee “Time Wasters” Includes tools making it easy
for you to:
• Regulate or block employee access to games and leisure websites.
• Control and supervise social networking activity during working hours.
• Limit Instant Messaging at work.
Data Protection – against theft, loss and corruption.
• Schedule automated backups via Dropbox, to local disk or to network
• Encrypt files and folders, keeping your data safe in transit and
on portable devices.
• Irreversible file shredder permanently removes any traces of deleted
confidential data.
Mobile Device Protection – keeping your smartphones and tablets,
and the business data they hold, secure.
• Latest anti-malware protection technologies for Android based
mobile devices.
• ‘Anti-phishing’ technology for secure internet browsing.
• Remote lock, locate and wipe features, for misplaced or stolen
• Call and text filtering fights spam on smartphones.
• Tracks stolen smartphones, even after the SIM card has been
removed – and allows you to take a picture of the thief!
Password Protection* – ‘Password Manager’ remembers and protects
all your web passwords.
• Creates and securely stores a new password for every site – but you
only need remember a single password.
• Synchronizes password protection across all your devices, including
iOS as well as Android smartphones and tablets.
Easy Web-based Management Dashboard – so you can manage your
security easily through the internet.
• Easy, straightforward controls.
• Single user-friendly management screen.


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